This extended warranty only covers our "V1" gates, which were prone to damage. Our new "V2" gates are not covered by this policy, as their durability is greatly improved. Flags are also not covered by this policy. If you have pruchased "V2" gates or flags and belive that they were damaged too easily due to defects, please contact us.

Our extended warranty starts when the gates arrive at your door, and lasts for three months from that point on. The goal of the warranty is to assist customers that suffer from abnomal damage (extremely large rips or tears) under normal use (miniquad racing and practice). We will assess each warranty claim on a case by case basis, and require you to send us photos of the damage. We understand that FPV gates are used in situations where damage to the fabric is likely. As a result, we can't offer replacements for gates that suffer damage from small rips or tears, or damage from anything other than a miniquad. In most circumstances, our extended warranty can only be activated once per order, meaning that we will not replace gates that have already been replaced before.

Our extended warranty is not related to items or products shipped to the customer that are damaged upon arrival. This includes manufacturing defects. For that, please see "Damages and Issues" in our refund policy.

You can always contact us with any questions at

Why Fabric?

Fabric racing gates offer many advantages that make them a worthy investment over the alternatives. Firstly, they offer the ability to practice on the same gates you will find on race day, which makes a big difference in being prepared (ask any pro pilot). Fabric panels are also much more forgiving on gear, generally breaking less parts during hard practice sessions. Lastly, our 1' orange and white borders are designed for ultimate visibility in any situation, making for a much more enjoyable flying experience. 

Ever since I started practicing with fabric gates, practice has become so much more enjoyable.